Kimi Walker

My name is Kimi Walker. I am a Wellness Coach

When Passion Meets Purpose. 

To some, it might be ironic that the journey to the conception of KimiFitWell.com – a corner of the internet devoted to helping people fall in love with their health and wellness – began due to heartache. Still, the temporary pain from a failed relationship fueled the passion-led purpose of a website, which has changed the lives of hundreds of people forever.

Kimi Walker, the founder, and creator of KimiFitWell.com is a walking, talking, living bubble of passion; many people who know her now can’t envision her as anything but that. However, the facts remain: Long before social media handles were used to connect across the globe, Kimi began dedicating herself to connecting with her best self after a failed relationship left her defeated. After committing herself to getting healthy naturally, the Indianapolis, Indiana native, who is a graduate of Florida A&M University (FAMU), began incorporating health, wellness and healthy eating habits into her daily life and slowly saw the pounds dropping off. As her waistline whittled, her self-love and time in the gym increased. Still, as excited as she was with dropping 100 pounds and appreciating her newfound physique, the psychology major found herself engulfed in the often forgotten psychological process that accompanies people who lose weight. In the time it took her to go from heartbroken to healthy, Kimi discovered that her passion had been hidden within her pain the entire time as she morphed into a health and wellness expert.

Once she graduated from FAMU, Kimi realized that the candle of her purpose had been lit. Not only was she focused on using her experience and skills in psychology and weight loss to help others, she was also dedicated to bringing awareness to black health disparities. During her undergraduate and graduate time, Kimi proudly had her hands full as she juggled becoming a personal trainer, a FAMU Recreation Center employee, a FAMU Women’s Center employee and initiating several health and wellness programs across the HBCU campus. Additionally, Kimi, who currently works as a school psychologist and specializes in early childhood assessments and intervention services, continually hones her craft by becoming certified as a: Wellness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Madd Dogg Spinning Instructor. Kimi had no way of knowing it at the time, but the birth of KimiFitWell.com was on the horizon.

With the increased impact and notoriety of social media and websites, Kimi – a natural social butterfly – discovered that one of her true gifts was in engaging and connecting with others who needed her expertise on how to truly live healthily – before, during, and after weight loss.  With a special gift of helping others determine the psychology behind their weight loss/gain, Kimi decided to use her experience to help transform people, their minds, and their bodies. In early 2012,  KimiFitWell.com was born.

KimiFitWell.com, which focuses on weight loss tips, resources, a blog, podcast, advice, and stories, was the launch pad to help Kimi establish her brand and her motto “Make the best version of yourself a priority.” Immediately, visitors were drawn to the infectious eye for care, concern and hands-on experience that Kimi delivered. The website, which is highly acclaimed, continues to serve as the personal safe haven for people to unveil the best version of themselves while battling the personal mental blockages that come with weight loss.  

Through the pain of temporary heartache, Kimi was able to develop KimiFitWell.com, which gives her the daily opportunity to tap into both her passion and her purpose by transforming minds and hearts, while shaping bodies.

KimiFitWell.com now serves as a constant reminder that your best self – the healthiest, happiest version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to meet – is simply waiting to meet you. KimiFitWell.com is ready to make that introduction.

Early Stages

After losing weight and making a lifestyle change, I wanted to learn more about fitness and training the body. I began by becoming a certified personal trainer and a indoor cycling instructor. Becoming an instructor kept me engaged in my personal journey and it allowed me to assist others in reaching their goals!

Career Start

Currently, I train for races and various fitness competitions as way to keep myself focused on my goals.  I share the trials and tribulations of my training with others to help them understand wellness is a journey and not a destination. I also enjoy ‘putting the spotlight’ on the success stories of others!

Make the best version of yourself a priority.

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