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The Most Challenging Part of My Weight Loss Journey

The hardest part of the journey was adjusting to the difference in how people treated me, changing my dynamics with certain people, and keeping the weight off.

In regards to keeping the weight off, becoming a personal trainer and SPINNING instructor gave me an outlet to help others while keeping myself in shape.

I had to learn how to be present in social settings and learn how to make decent choices in my eating while hanging out with my friends. I had to learn how to defend myself when people pressured me to eat junk food or said I was “too extreme” in my diet or that I didn’t “need to lose any more weight.” Practicing mindfulness by meditating daily has helped me stay grounded and make sure that I am making decisions based on my desires and not based on others’ perceptions of how I should live my life. Weight loss really is a mind-body transformation!

People have and continue to treat me differently depending on my weight; I don’t enjoy it, but I have learned that society has molded some people to feel they should treat overweight people differently or that being petite is always ideal. Even after losing almost 120+ pounds, I was still very overweight for my size and for what people would consider “in shape” for a personal trainer. I endured a lot of judgment and nasty comments, but I’m still here! 🙂

I hope that my story encourages others to realize they have to do what is best for them and healthy doesn’t always look the same for everyone. Keep pushing forward!