How to Bounce Back After Regaining Weight

After losing over 100 pounds, I had to work really hard to maintain my weight loss. There were times when I regained a significant amount of weight just due to my life circumstances changing and me having less opportunity to be vigorously active. It was extremely difficult for me to get back into the swing of things after changing or neglecting the healthy habits I adopted during my lifestyle change. Have you ever lost weight after going on a diet only to find yourself regaining weight again? This can be a frustrating cycle that can often cause some to lose hope. Below I offer some weight loss and wellness tips for getting back into your healthy routine after “falling off the wagon”.

Don’t Be Discouraged
If you are experiencing a set back in your fitness goals or regaining weight already lost, then the first thing I would recommend is not allowing yourself to become too discouraged, frustrated, or disappointed! Make the conscious choice to move forward. If you have gained some weight, don’t expect all of the weight gained to come off at one time.

Set Small Goals
Make small goals for yourself so you can stay accountable as you lose weight and reach your broader goals. For example, it’s much less overwhelming to focus on losing 1-2 pounds at a time than it is to fixate on the fact that you need to lose 50 pounds.

Weekly Accountability
I also recommend weighing yourself once a week so you can keep track of your weight and make tweaks as needed in your diet and workout routine. If staying on track with your workouts is an issue, you might want to look into getting a workout partner, personal trainer, or join a group exercise class such as Zumba or CrossFit.Look for ways to get back on track with your workouts and staying accountable as you do so!