I Survived the SPINNING CHAMPION Ride!

This past week I was able to participate in a specialty ride called Champion with Master SPINNING Instructor Josh Taylor. SPINNING Specialty rides are rides with Master Instructors that allow other instructors to earn CEU’s. Although you can earn CEU’s through these rides, you do not have to be a SPINNING instructor to participate.  This ride was intense, but manageable. The class was filled with power, speed, and endurance all while being taught with a horseback racing theme featuring accompanying visualizations.  I had a great time and it was my first time participating in a two-hour class. Before the ride started Josh introduced a young man in the class; he told everyone that the young man was a SPINNING Instructor and that he also had Cerebral Palsy (Left;middle picture). He said that this program worked for him and that he was glad to be an instructor. This was definitely an eye-opening experience. It reminded me that we are the only ones who set are own limitations. Whatever your goal is, ultimately it is up to you to achieve it!