Kimi Walker

My name is Kimi Walker. I am a Wellness Coach

Kimi Walker is a Midwest native who studied School Psychology at a HBCU in the south. While in school, she embarked the journey of a personal lifestyle change which lead to a 100+ pound weight loss. During this time, Kimi developed a newborn interest in fitness and wellness and ultimately went on to become a certified fitness instructor. Her formalized education in psychology coupled with her personal experience led her to the conceptualization that the “mind-body” approach is critical for long-term success with any aspect of weight loss, fitness, or overall wellness. She has a burning desire to tackle the nationwide obesity epidemic and implement wellness-based initiatives, particularly amongst minority women, through research, education and the empowerment of individuals.

Early Stages

After losing weight and making a lifestyle change, I wanted to learn more about fitness and training the body. I began by becoming a certified personal trainer and a indoor cycling instructor. Becoming an instructor kept me engaged in my personal journey and it allowed me to assist others in reaching their goals!

Career Start

Currently, I train for races and various fitness competitions as way to keep myself focused on my goals.  I share the trials and tribulations of my training with others to help them understand wellness is a journey and not a destination. I also enjoy ‘putting the spotlight’ on the success stories of others!

Make the best version of yourself a priority.

My Experience

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