Weight Loss Spotlight: Adrianne Shares the Secrets Behind Her Success



Success/Achievement: As of today, I have lost a total of 61 pounds. I changed my life to include healthy eating and physical fitness in January 2012 (weighing 195 pounds) and I have been extremely happy ever since (currently weighing 134 pounds). I reached my goal of 134 in November of 2012 and I have been maintaining ever since. It was the best decision I have ever made and I feel awesome. There are many leisurely and therapeutic benefits that come with exercise and healthy eating: Increased confidence; more energy due to better blood circulation; increased strength for completing daily tasks; social interaction; development and maintenance of desired body physique, and many more. 

Method of Success:  My method of weight loss success includes physical exercise and healthy eating. When I first began my journey/lifestyle change, I started out drinking only water; currently, my nutritional beverage intake is quite the same: I drink water, green tea and/or herbal tea with meals. I stopped eating fast food; I stopped eating late (past 9pm). I started to look at labels at the grocery store, keeping close watch of my calorie and carbohydrate intake. My diet includes mainly greens and vegetables, salads, fruits (Publix fruit baskets) and occasionally, grilled or blackened chicken. My exercise regimen includes mainly cardio. I started off using the elliptical and bike, now I mainly run on the treadmill.

Things that you thought would be different about losing weight:   I did not realize that maintaining my weight would require so much attention and dedication. I also did not realize that weight always fluctuates. Maintenance of desired body weight requires dedication and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The process of becoming healthy is truly a lifestyle change. It is okay to enjoy foods or sweets that are not so healthy every now and then, but after changing my life for the better, I see that my cravings have changed and I don’t want the greasy foods I used to eat. My normal cravings now include salad, and mixed vegetables—foods I never would have preferably eaten before I decided to change my life.

Words of Wisdom: The moment you decide to lead a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise will be the happiest moment of your life. You only get one body so claim it, accept responsibility for it, and declare that you will take care of it to the best of your ability. The only unachievable goal is the one that you, yourself, claim that you cannot achieve. Anything that you set your mind to IS possible. There is no magic trick/magic method to weight loss or a healthy lifestyle…the ONLY method required to reach your goal is AMBITION. You have a GOD-Given-Innate ability to achieve any dream or goal that you so wish. I believe in the old adage that goes “where this is a will, there is a way”. If you have the will, the drive, the ambition…you can do whatever you put your mind to. With that being said, make your decision NOW! The best time to lead a healthy lifestyle is ALWAYS **NOW**!