Weight Loss Spotlight: Jessica Chronicles Her 70 Pound Weight Loss Story




Jessica shares her weight loss story below! 

Success/Achievement: Since May 2012, I have successfully been able to lose over 70 pounds. My plan was to initially lose weight but throughout my journey, I realized that I wanted to do something more and change my whole lifestyle. I changed my eating habits, portion control, and incorporated physical activity into my everyday life.

Method of Success: My method of success is to stay positive and have an open mind. Starting a lifestyle change is the hardest part and without a positive mindset, you will not reach your goals. Telling yourself that you can lose weight, or you can jog a lap without stopping are ways to incorporate positivity in a successful lifestyle change. Having an open mind is another factor of having a successful lifestyle change. When trying to lose weight, many people are not open to leaving their comfort zone, or trying something new like trying a Zumba class or eating vegan food. Being open-minded is something that really helped me lose weight and better my lifestyle.

Things that you thought would be different about losing weight: While losing weight, I thought that I would be able to lose 10 pounds in one week. Before starting my lifestyle change, I didn’t realize that weight loss is a process and it takes time.

Words of Wisdom: Remain positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!